The following has been identified as issues of concern in the Arizona Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Adopted Budget.

AgencyOngoing Changes


  • Extends postpartum physical and behavioral health care for pregnant women to 12 months after the child is born whose family income does not exceed 150% FPL
  • Establishes chiropractic care benefit, and diabetes management programs.
  • Transfers Suicide Prevention Coordinator to DHS
  • Promotes SMI Integration for the American Indian Health Program
  • Allows KidsCare members to remain eligible for 12 months 
  • Allocates $10 M in FY 2023-2024 for a provider rate increase for Secure Behavioral Health Facilities providers
  • Adds $25 M for 5 Secure Behavioral Health Residential Facilities with 3 in Phoenix Metro, 1 in Northern AZ & 1 in Southern AZ
  • Establishes a Diabetes Management Program
  • Allocates provider increases (percentage not specified) for Pregnancy Care, Pediatric Skilled Nursing Facilities, Elderly & Disabled providers & allocates a 2.5% increase for Behavioral Health Provider Rate codes
  • Sets aside $60 M for supported housing line item (dependent on approval of the 1115 waiver for housing)
  • Provides no increase in funding for Non-Title 19 SMI services, crisis services & supported housing


  • Adds 95 FTEs for Adult Protective Services
  • Allocates funds for the Friends of the Farm for Food Bank Funding
  • Provides a rate increase for AZ Early Intervention Program
  • Enhances the DD Provider Rate increase for AHCCCS population by 9.7%
  • Adds funding for DD state-only providers as well as for the Area Agencies on Aging
  • Requires a Cost Effectiveness Study Provider Rate Increase
  • Adds $2 million to DES Adult Services and makes FY 2022 appropriation non-lapsing.
  • Continues funding for Second Chance Centers
  • Continues the requirement for drug testing for TANF recipients of reasonable suspicion of use illegal drugs


  • Provides increase in the Independent Living Stipend for youth aging out of foster care to not less than $1,200
  • Increases in the kinship stipend to $75 per child to $300 per month per child
  • Expands the Healthy Families to $10 M in FY 2022-2023 which goes to $15 M in FY 2024-2025

Department of Education

  • Adds $50 M for each of the next 3 years for School Safety funding with first priority for School Resource Officers (SROs) then Counselors/Social Workers
  • Allocates $10 M for Foster Youth Transitional Housing at EVIT for students pursing GED or high school diploma & seeking industry certification with plan to serve 64 beds
  • Provides a $100,000 Childhood Trauma Awareness/Prevention Grants
  • Allows county jail education programs to receive state aid for inmates between ages 18-21 who do not have a disability & do not have a high school diploma/GED


  • Allots funding for ASH for increased staffing, hiring bonuses, & operating costs as well as being tied to SB 1444 with issues around Independent Oversight Committee
  • Shifts Suicide Prevention Coordinator from AHCCCS to DHS
  • Distributes funding for Accelerated Nursing (Post Bachelor program) with $6M to Creighton & $44 to other AZ Universities. Specifies that DHS must also prioritize funding to universities and community colleges offering accelerated nursing programs up to 18 months in length
  • Accelerates transfer of the Psychiatric Security Review Board responsibilities from June 30, 2023 to January 1, 2023

Department of Housing

  • Assigns $60 M ($20 M earmarked for rural & $4M for Hopi & Navajo nations)
  • Allocates $10 M homeless services grant pilot program requiring a 50% local match
  • Unspecified amount for Alternative Homeless Transition Services in a separate bill
  • Gives DOA $2.4 M in the Capital Spending bill for the homeless veterans housing at Fort Whipple


  • Appropriates $2 M for community treatment of imprisoned women for those who give birth in prison & are within 5 years of release with 20 to be served in year 1 & going to 50 in year 2
  • Increase funding by $17.5 M for private prison contract increase
  • Adds $70 M for inmate healthcare contract services increase
  • Provides a 20% salary increase for staff
  • Continues flat funding for 3 FTEs for substance abuse treatment funding