OUR COVID-19 Survey Results

survey Summary results – Behavior Health Community Experience during covid-19

April 29, 2020

The Arizona Peer and Family Coalition (APFC) is dedicated to extending statewide peer and family leadership into all aspects of Arizona’s behavioral health care. The mission of the APFC is to advocate for, connect, promote, and develop leadership by peers and family members throughout our state.

The APFC conducted two surveys of behavioral health care within Arizona during the COVID-19 epidemic. The surveys were available to anyone with the survey links. The purpose of the surveys was to identify immediate
concerns, which helped inform the Coalition’s advocacy and outreach efforts during these unprecedented times.

The surveys consisted of 10 statements and were completed by 226 individuals. Below are a few of the survey highlights:

  • 99% are aware of the COVID-19 risks
  • 90% are practicing social distancing
  • 27% have issues accessing the following services (transportation, groups, peer support, family support, life skills and wellness programs)
  • 33% have issues obtaining food/household supplies
  • 18% face barriers obtaining medication and/or medical supplies
  • 40% have issues securing a physical or behavioral health appointment
  • 62% face barriers connecting with a member of their clinical team
  • Survey participants need help with the following (19% assistance applying for SNAP, 13% securing food boxes and 16% shared access to internet/wireless services).

Survey participants were asked if they wanted assistance via a phone call. The APFC made a phone call connection to 26 of the participants. Going forward, it is important that we acknowledge the areas of need above and take action to ensure participants have the resources to meet their needs during these turbulent times!