2020 Legislative Priorities

Funding for Health/Behavioral Health Care

  • Protect the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act that affect access to mental health services.
  • Monitor state budget and advocate for funding allocations for behavioral health.


  • Advocate for restoration of the Housing Trust Fund to provide funding for individuals and families facing or experiencing homelessness.
  • Promote housing options that help individuals with disabilities (physical, intellectual or mental) transcend into the communities in which they live while assuring that the individual is making the choice and that necessary supports are available.

Children and Transition Aged Youth

  • Collaborate with the families, providers, and state agencies to assure that children and transition aged youth have a full continuum of care from inpatient care through step down program, residential treatment and to return their home/community with support services.
  • Establish the state goal of returning out-of-state child to Arizona while meeting his/her physical and psychological needs in Arizona.


  • Recognize value of non-emergent medical transport and protect all state budget and funding allocations.
  • Promote transportation practices that are efficient and work for both urban, rural and tribal settings.